Aquarium Guys
Your fish tank experts
“It is our mission to provide fish lovers with an outstanding degree of customer service and knowledge in delivering, installing, and maintaining a specialized aquarium,fish tank or pond. These features are installed to enhance the level of beauty and enjoyment of a home or business environment with a well maintained ecosystem concealed for relaxing yet exquisite viewing pleasure.”


Phone : (985)607-5406
Aquarium Guys offers a wide variety of aquarium,fish tank services including:
monthly or bi-weekly maintenace service plans.New set-ups,cleaning,etc...
P.O. BOX 6051 Slidell,La 70469
•Aquarium cleaning
•Aquarium design
•Aquarium Installation

•Aquarium relocation
•Aquarium beautification
•Aquarium maintenance
•Equipment upgrades
•Aquarium leak repair
•Fish acquisition
•Water testing
•Water  changes
•Supplement dosing
•Water stabilization
•Aquarium glass cleaning
•Equipment cleaning
•Fish disease treatment
turtle and alligator care
salt and mineral baths
enclosure cleaning and care​​​

Aquarium Guys Aquarium and Reptile Services
Questions And Answers
Q: Do you have emergency calls ?
A: Yes we do
Q: Do you service residential and commercial tanks ?
A: Yes we service all tanks,commercial and residential

Q: How often do you service your tanks?
A: Our home aquariums are serviced monthly,unless a request is made for
more services.All our commercial aquariums are serviced on a bi-weekly
service plane

Q: What happens when your bi-weekly service gives you an extra service within a month? Are there extra charges?
A: No,all our services are billed monthly so no extra charges

Q: Do you handel sickness and cures?
A: yes we do,we can handel all your aquarium needs

Q: Do you make water tests on regular visits?
A: Yes we do,we we test your water for all levels including saltwater
and freshwater

Q: Do you make regular water changes?
A: Yes we do,atleast on a monthly basis

Q: Do you vacuum gravel and change filters?
A: Yes we do on a need to do basis

Q: Do you bleach tank contents?
A: yes as needed

Q: Do you do maintenance on alligator and turtle tanks?
A: Yes we do

Q: Do you require a license to do maintenance on alligator tanks?
A: Yes we do,state law requires you to have a license to keep
alligators as pets

Q​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​: Do you service Mississippi areas?
A: Yes we do

Q: Do you set-up new aquariums and fish tanks?
A: Yes we do

Q: Do you supply aquarium supplies like filters and pumps?
A: Yes we do

Q: What forms of payments do you accept?
A: We accept all major credit cards,cash and company checks.
sorry no personal checks

Q: Do you supply fish?​​​​​​
A: Yes we do

Q: Do you do after hours services for commercial customers?
A: Yes we can and yes we do​​​​

Q: How does a UV sterilizer work?
A: UV-C lamp helps neutralize harmful micro-organisms and free-floating algae.It will clear up foggy or cloudy water with floating algae​​​

Q:What colors can dye my pond?
A:Blue,Black or Green

Q: Do you offer algae control for ponds?
A: Yes we do,as a pond dying supplement.We offer bacteria blocks
     and algaeicide treatments

Q: Do you do maintenance and cleaning on fountains and waterfalls?
A: Yes we do

Q: Do you make custom aquarium backgrounds with the underwater sand water falls?​​​​​​​​​​​​
A: Yes we do​


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