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We use the strongest Aqua pond dye available on the market. The Aqua color increases Ultraviolet light absorbency and will not stain fish, birds or plants. Non toxic. Safe for fish, plants, pets and people. 
​ A Few Benefits of pond dye:
​  A lake can be one of the best or worst features of a property. When they are maintained, lakes are a great location for fishing, cookouts, or sitting back and enjoying the scenery. When they are poorly maintained, though, most lakes are a forgettable sight. Their weeds and brackish water inspire visions of mosquitoes, snakes, and snapping turtles, causing people to stay away. There are several reasons why water bodies look dirty and unkempt, but brackish water color is the most popular. Instead of looking pleasantly blue, many water bodies have a dull green or brown hue. That is why we apply blue lake dyes when they perform lake restoration. If you are planning to perform lake dyeing to improve the look of your lake, below are five reasons to stick with the plan. Improved curb appeal If a lake is located in your front yard, dying it a pleasant color will improve your property's curb appeal. Yard lakes are typically maintained concerning algae control and weed control, but their water is often murky—a look that results from suspended sediments and decaying organic matter. Water colorant disguises the presence of these growths and discolorations, making the water appear refreshing and clean. Great selling point Even if your lake is located in the woods, beautifying it with blue lake dyes is still a great way to make your property more attractive, especially to potential homebuyers. When a water body is poorly maintained, its appearance causes home shoppers to consider how much work is needed to improve it, but when the water looks, potential buyers see nothing but a great selling point—a beautiful body of water. Improved algae control Excess algae start out as a small problem that gets bigger over time. If the problem is left unaddressed, the entire water surface could become covered in green slime. Lake dyeing does not kill algae, but it limits the UV rays that deep growing algae receive, thus limiting their growth. Water colorant does not supplement for algaecide, but it may help you use less algaecide than before. Better fish protection Fish protection is another incidental benefit of applying water colorant. Predators that prey on fish use eyesight to locate them below the water surface. When a water body contains a full dose of water colorant, fish are harder to see because the suspended pigment obscures their movement. Water colorant is not intended to be a fish protector, but it helps prevent fish predators from depleting a lake of fish stock. Inexpensive to maintain A dyed lake is usually inexpensive to maintain. After the full dose of colorant is applied, affordable maintenance doses are applied at regular intervals to keep the color from fading. In many cases, a medium-size water body can be colored for a reasonable price for the multiple benefits the product offers
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